AfterWork: The future possibilities for utilising satellite data

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  • Reaktor Oy, Kehräsaari A, Tampere (3. floor)

Satellites are becoming more relevant data sources in the near future for many industries. The availability of satellite produced data is becoming commoditized and at the same time the emerging imaging technology is maturing at a huge pace.

There are already different types of imaging technologies on board of satellites such as hyperspectrical cameras or synthetic aperture radars. They can help amending human capabilities and may bring huge advantages when paired with the existing organizational data and knowledge. In addition to already existing technologies, 6G networks will most probably open up totally new possibilities.

In the event you will hear following presentations:

  • Using imaging technologies provided by satellites (Reaktor)
  • Satellite data utlization demo (Reaktor)
  • What will 6G bring into the mix (VTT)

Welcome to talk about the future potential of emerging imaging technology and satellite data usage! This AfterWork event has been planned and organised in collaboration with Reaktor Oy, Business Tampere and FIMA

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