EL-Zon Day

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  • Aalto University, Puumiehenkuja 5A, Espoo

Welcome to hear and see all final results, demonstrations and other achievements from El-Zon project (Electric driven zonal hydraulics). During the EL-Zon project a concept was developed for zonal (or decentralized) hydraulics for mobile working machines and stationary (process) machinery.

This idea was first introduced in the aircraft industry. In a fully zonal system, the hydraulic pumps are removed from the engine and replaced within hydraulic power-packs distributed throughout the machine. In this “more electric” architecture, multiple hydraulic power sources are utilized in each “working” zone in order to achieve energy savings and work in power-on-demand approach. The best results showed improvement of energy efficiency by 200% ,and reduction of energy consumption by 50% in off-road machinery and stationary applications!

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