Mixed Fleet seminar

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  • Tampere TBA

Seminar is related to a co-innovation project proposal about mixed fleet work sites. The target of the day is to give overview about the subject and what is status today in companies and in research.  Also discussions together what is the future of the technology and business in multimachine unmanned-manned work sites.

Program topics

  • ZERO4 – Konecranes veturi- project
  • Optimal Automation by Mixed Fleet in case Mitsubishi Logisnext
  • Robots in future hospitals
  • Swarm project experiences
  • Exploring the novel potentials of human-cobot interaction in the industrial and manufacturing context
  • Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) in military applications
  • Vamos Awareness project proposal
  • Service robots with real time data capture –use case learnings from Muro project
  • Results from Autoport, FEMMa and SafeValid projects

See detailed program :  Mixed Fleet Day 22.8.2023_agenda