FIMA 11. Tutkimusseminaari

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  • UKK Instituutti

Jäsenten vuosittainen tapaaminen ja tulosten esittely pidettiin 31.1.2019 UKK instituutilla Tampereella. Päivän teemana oli Anturit ja mittaus. Paikalla oli 60 jäsenyrityksistämme ja tutkimuksesta ja lähes kaikki jäsenorganisaatiot olivat edustettuina. Linkki päivän…

Simulink foorumi

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  • Epec, Kampusareeena, Tampere

Next meeting for Simulink and simulation specialists!

AI workshop

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  • AI-Hub TUT, Tampere

Free lecture and hands-on training workshop for FIMA members. Escpecially focus on Mobile Work Machine applications. The maximum number of workshop participants is fulfilled, so the registeration is closed. Please…

Boom2020 final review

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  • TTY, Tampere room K2245

Welcome to hear the final results from the last part of Puomi2020 (Boom 2020) project. The work was done as a doctoral thesis work with name Towards IMU based full-body…

EL-Zon Day

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  • Aalto University, Puumiehenkuja 5A, Espoo

Welcome to hear and see all final results, demonstrations and other achievements from El-Zon project (Electric driven zonal hydraulics). During the EL-Zon project a concept was developed for zonal (or…

FIMA in Mindtrek 2018

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FIMA is organizing an Open Data event at Mindtrek 2018 Conference. Read more about Mindtrek

Workshop: Safety requirements for autonomy

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  • VTT Tampere, Visiokatu 4

FIMA is preparing a wide survey about safety standardisation and requirements for heavy autonomous machines. In the workshop participants will hear close-to-final results and analyse what are the consequences of…

5G AfterWork

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  • Uusi Tehdas Stage, Finlaysoninkuja 8, 4th floor, Tampere

Come to discuss and network with other members and specialists!  The topic today is New winning solutions with 5G How and when to apply it in various worksites of mobile…