ROS Workgroup kick-off

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  • Kampusklubi, TAU Korkeakoulunkatu 6, tampere

Because of wide interest, FIMA is starting a new work group to build up members knowledge and collaboration. The theme is ROS and ROS2 robot operation systems (see definitions below)
The target of this workgroup is to

  • give precise and practical information about ROS operating systems
  • evaluate the value and possibilities to work machine business
  • offer a way to further research and collaboration with other companies and research organisations


Developed originally in Stanford university by robotics researchers. It provides software package management, publish-subscribe model of communication between computational tasks  and a few software packages handling common kinematics and visualization.
More about ROS:

A reimplementation of ROS to alleviate the fundamental shortcomings of ROS for industrial use. It uses DDS as the underlying middleware and provides a robotics related abstraction layer on it.

A software and communication protocol standard provided by Object Management Group to facilitate distributed, real-time publish-subscribe model of communication. It defines a very thorough set of quality of service settings so that end users do not have to implement them by themselves. The standard implementations and extensions are fit for industrial use and many providers give tools to assist in certifying the software.

More about ROS2 and DDS: