Solid state lidar demo3

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  • TAU Mobile Lab, Korkeakoulunkatu 14, Tampere

FIMA has challenged company XenomatiX to demonstrate their state-of-the-art solid state lidar.

Two similar demo-days will be organised at Tampere University Mobile Lab by IHA ,at October 9 and 10.  The demonstration path will include many typical object recognation situations in work machine use. Comparison with existing lidar types is also available.

Two-day demo gives you flexibility to select suitable day.  There are 3 similar demo sessions available:

Demo1 Wed October 9  starts at  9.00
Demo2 Wed October 9  starts at 14.00
Demo3 Thu October 10 starts at  9.00

Each demo takes about 2,5 hours starting with technical presentations. The meeting place and more information will be sent to the participants before the event.

Book to your calender which is better for you and register hereby. The best group to follow is 10 persons / demo, but we are not limited to that.

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