Electro-Mechanical vs More electric Actuators

  • Project code:EMMA2
  • Schedule:2022-2024
  • Status:active

EMMA2 focus covers high-power actuator solutions and their system integration, in addition to green business evaluation.




EMMA2 objectives are:

  • Create a knowledge base high power linear actuator selection tool for various applications
  • Validate a robustness of more electric high-power actuator solutions (EHA&EMA*).
  • Check integrability of actuator to the system (simulation, extensive experiments)
  • Respond questions: How to recuperate green investments?

EMA = electro-mechanical
EHA = elcctro-hydrostatic

FIMA operates as a follow-up and dissemination partner in project EMMA2

Project contacts

  • Tampere University
  • prof. Tatiana Minav

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