Empirical Software Engineering for Autonomous Mobile Machines

  • Project code:ESEAM
  • Schedule:01/2021 - 12/2024
  • Status:active

The main goal of ESEAM is to collect evidence on different methods and tools that increase productivity in creating software for autonomous mobile machines. The main source of data will be small scale software projects done by volunteer students that increase autonomy of small robot systems. These small robots simulate real mobile machines. For example, the project topics could be implementing a real-time shared map/data structure from observations from multiple machines, user interface for simulated warehouse or to add a new actuator both physically and in software to a pre-existing robot.

More accurate research questions will be formed by initial survey study and the feedback from companies. This project is in tight collaboration with PEAMS, sharing same objects of study, such as ROS2. ESEAM project is a doctoral thesis work in Doctoral School of Industry Innovations (DSII) at Tampere University.


Project contacts

  • Tampereen Yliopisto
  • Andrei Ahonen