3D Imaging for Detection and Measurement of work targets

  • Published:8.7.2019

The ultimate objective behind this report is to perform detection and 3D measurement of various work targets. The report investigates various sensing techniques for 3D imaging of different targets. This is done by capturing test scenes and analyzing the data manually to determine if the necessary information can be extracted. Following types of cameras were involved in the tests:

  • High resolution laser scanner (best case ground truth geometry)
  • Stereo camera
  • Real time laser scanner
  • Time of Flight camera
  • Hyperspectral camera

Current commercial machine vision solutions for determining work targets for grabbing and handling are mainly based on 2D cameras and used in optimized lighting and viewpoint conditions. Heavy work machines operate in environments, which are not designed for optimal machine vision – the terrain and lighting are constantly changing and the camera has to be placed on the machine itself, limiting the available viewpoints. This creates a need to capture as much information as possible, prompting the use of 3D measurement and capturing the scene in wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum of light.


Report authors

  • Tampere University CIVIT
  • Olli Suominen

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