Edge Computing for Work Machines and Industrial Applications

  • Published:27.3.2020

An outlook on enabling technologies and requirements for edge computing in mobile work machine settings, focusing on Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 applications. The objetive of this report is to give an overview of edge computing, the current state of the art, and associated trends and challenges. The aim is to provide guidelines to take into concern when considering use of edge computing in industrial production related applications such as work machines or autonomous systems. The report does not try to be a comparison of different edge computing platforms or software frameworks although a number of them are presented mainly as examples and to illustrate the concepts.

The report includes explanation of involved technical concepts and an overview of the cloud-edge architectural landscape,  chosen use cases of edge computing with relevance to industrial production environments,   implementation concerning software platforms, infrastructure and communication technology and also identied challenges and possible research objectives.

Report authors

  • Tampere University, Computing Sciences
  • David Hästbacka

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