Electrical Machines for Mobile Applications

  • Published:28.12.2022

The scope of this report is to provide a study and overview of current and potential electrical machine developments for future mobile electric powertrain technologies. The report sets out to present the key directions for electrical machine development, motivated by emerging industrial needs and technological relevance in the automotive industry.

The report introduces some theoretical principles explaining the production of motor torque at a desired motor speed. The main focus is in the two main types of motors that are used in traction motor drives – the induction machine and the synchronous machine, and their subtypes. The report descripes their specific characteristics of speed and torque impacting the performance and behaviour of the machine. Finally, the report illustrates prospects and cases of research and development in the field that could be relevant to industries and companies operating in the area and seeking to improve their products.


Report authors

  • LUT University of Lappeenranta
  • Prof. Juha Pyrhönen
  • Julia Vauterin, editor

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