Future of powering non-road mobile machines

  • Published:16.5.2016

This report studies alternative solutions for future powering for non road mobile machinery (NRMM). Internal Combustion engines (ICE) have dominated  sector for 100 years because of the energy density of the fuel (diesel 42 MJ/kg) although the engines’ efficiency is less than 0.5. The second reason for the success of the combustion engine is its versatility. These benefits are still important, and new technologies will not replace the combustion engine in the near future on a large scale. On the other hand new technologies are coming because the emission problems of ICE (noise, and exhaust gases). The context includes evaluations of fuels, electric and hybrid powertrains and fuel cell powertrains.

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Report authors

  • Tampere University of Technology
  • Seppo Tikkanen

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