Lidar survey with comparison tests

  • Published:27.3.2019

Laser scanners or lidars are environment perception sensors, which can measure the free
space around the sensor quite accurately. The high interest towards automated self-driving
cars and vehicles has created also a lot of attention towards lidar technology. Therefore the
lidar market has grown, but even more has grown the amount of start up companies with new
attractive lidar products and prototypes.

This report contains a survey of lidar technology, but the emphasis is on the comparison
measurements, how the selected modern lidars and one ToF camera performed in chosen
conditions. The conditions included features, which are known to be difficult for the sensors,
like fog, dust, strong opposing light, snow in the air and interference caused by another lidar.

Report authors

  • VTT
  • Pertti Peussa, Pasi Pyykönen, Maria Jokela, Hannu Salmela, Timo Malm

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