Mild Hybrids 48V

48 V mild hybrdid technology has great appeal as a standard for the off-road industry because of overlap with automotive.  The 48-V mild hybrid system has potentials to reduce fuel consumption with very favorable cost-benefit ratio. Mild hybrid may vary based on manufacturer and application, but common characteristics are:

  • Generally no pure electric propulsion, short low speed creeping may be possible
  • Some level of energy regeneration is possible
  • Start/stop-functionality supported well
  • Electric motor (generator as the simplest) may support combustion engine
  • Electrified auxiliary systems and electric idling

Electrified auxiliaries is board domain may include items in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, pre-heating/ventilation functionalities but also engine related items for improved performance like e-turbo or better exhaust aftertreatment. In NRMM’s there might be opportunities related to use of implements or in hydraulics.

This report presents mild hybrid technology and components in the main applications, and studies it´s offering for non-road mobile machines (NRMM).

Report authors

  • Hybria Oy
  • Matti Heiska

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