IVT Symposium 2019

  • Status:finished

Autonomous Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium in Cologne in February 2019 was second time in order. The event had three other parallel themes about electro-hybrid, powertrain and cabin technologies. Number of participants in autonomous symposium were approx. 100 persons. The organiser was UKi Media & Events a division of UKIP Media & Events Ltd.

Speakers in autonomous vehicle conference were most from business, OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. Only 1 presentation was from research organisations. The presentation can be divided under 4 main titles: autonomy applications (from OEMs and others), control systems, sensor technology and safety&security. Safety requirements and  safety standards were referred in many presentations, especially from many sensor makers.  The preliminary Sotif standard was mentioned many times.

The three parallel conferences in the symposium were about Electric & Hybrid technology, Cabin desing and Powertrains. The first file is a quick index about main context of presentations.


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