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To reduce stress from machine and operator


Project code: SANTTU
Schedule: 2022 - 2024
Status: Active

The SANTTU project focuses on the development of systems for operators of work machines and heavy industrial machines. The aim is to simplify the control and operation of the machines with semi-autonomous operator assistance systems. This can be used to reduce the cognitive stress on the operator as well as the stress on the machine, thus extending machine life, availability, and productivity. By combining physics-based (real-time) simulation, digital twins and artificial intelligence technologies – semi-automated systems can be created.

In SANTTU will be developed a model-based, AI-assisted solution that provides collision prevention, stress reduction, improved accuracy, automation of work routines, and a human-centric user interface design. These lower the competence requirements for the efficient use of the machine, which expands the realistically targeted market, especially in fast-growing market areas.

SANTTU Vision:

The combination of simulation and AI technologies provides the technological basis for autonomous and sustainable Finnish-made machines. The SANTTU operator assistance system protects both machine and operator from excess stress, increases productivity and enables data-driven services.

FIMA operates as a follow-up and dissemination partner in project SANTTU.

Project contacts
Prof. Aki Mikkola
Aalto Unversity
Prof. Ville Kyrki
Oulun Yliopisto
Prof. Emil Kurvinen
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