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22. huhtikuuta 2022

The goal of this report was to study the practices related to software testing in the context of working machines and make suggestions for further development of testing practices. The motivating questions were ”Why is testing so expensive?” and ”When have we tested enough?” The nature of the programs were of embedded systems, making the software testing more challenging than software-only testing.
The research consists of designing and running a survey that studies testing practices in a number of companies. The results have been refined with industry professionals, and the outcome is compared to reports that are in the related field. Some directions for research to help consolidate testing better in company processes are proposed i.e. in traceability, security and safety testing, model-based testing and tool evaluations. Report includes large number of links to articles and thesis works for further study

Report author

Tampete University Andrei Ahonen
Insta Harri Vuolle
CrossControl Jussi Kauppinen

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