Current research themes

Remote control

The new theme focusing on developing remote controls and operations is based on the common needs of member companies and anticipation about future trends. First research project has been planned…


The target of is to develop the know-how and technology needed to move to the next steps towards the machine’s autonomy in reasoning and operational capability, taking into account the…

Digital Twin

The common interest is to utilize the data produced by the machines during different stages of the life cycle. The most important subject is the efficient use of model based…


Lidars in fog

Six advanced sensors were tested in most demanding and controlled evironment as part of FIMA organised lidar test.

Katsaus työkoneiden kehityspolkuun Suomessa

Business Finland on julkaissut raportin liikkuvien työkoneiden kehityspolusta ja näkymistä. Sen on laatinut FIMAn perustajajäsen ja hallituksen ensimmäinen puheenjohtaja Jorma Tirkkonen. Katsaus liikkuvien työkoneiden-kehityspolusta julkaisu Written by Antti Siren FIMA